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What do you need? Ongoing coaching? Strategic planning, an hour of my time, or several hours? Book a call today!

Monthly coaching

You need ongoing support to create your book and make it real. May include audience evaluation, strategic planning, early marketing activities, creating a team, launch plan, distribution decisions... whatever you need. Let's talk!

Book Strategic Planning: Competitors and Collaborators + Target Audience + Influencers + Media

This program begins with research of the current market to nail down your genre, category, similar books, and specific audiences. We’ll figure out where your book belongs on the virtual shelves and ensure the focus of your work meets your desired niche audience.

We will evaluate what other authors and publishers with books similar to yours are doing to engage and attract readers. In addition, we’ll analyze the influencers and media they’ve attracted. 

We kick off this effort with a 30+ minute logistics call to guide you through the research that will instruct the rest of our process. The findings here will help you create an overview, outline, and sample chapters that prove it meets the market expectations we’ve identified so you can continue to develop your manuscript with confidence.

Once I receive the overview, outline, and sample chapters, I offer input in 2-3 pages of suggestions or critique to strengthen your hook, overview, marketing plan, design, etc., focusing the direction of the manuscript to meet reader expectations and create urgency for your book. This includes a 1 hour consultation after I deliver the written critique. 

This package also includes a peer-review and beta reader plan so you can begin sharing your manuscript. This step provides you with continual feedback from peers and readers so you can stay on track, and gathers an initial tribe of fans who will eventually become your book marketing street team, with the aim of winning 5-star reviews when you launch your book.

Availability is limited. Call to schedule and book.


You need help and you need it fast. I love Q&A sessions and can help you with answers, solutions, and clear direction for next steps. 

Here are the types of things I can help you with:

  • Get the right start. A reality check on your publishing plans.
  • Book marketing. How to build your audience (platform) and connect with influencers. 
  • Launch plan feedback.
  • Spot check: Manuscript review, formatting, design, copyright, ISBNs, and more.
  • Direct sales: Live events, online appearances, conferences, and speeches.
  • Book production: Advance copies, special editions for events, offset printing, POD, and short run.

These are just a few of the jobs I can help you with. Book now and let me know what you need. If I can't help you I'll refer you to someone else and refund your money.

Includes a follow-up email with a summary of recommendations or instructions.

Limited availability.

Retainers and blocks of hours

Book blocks of hours for continuity.

1 hour = $350/hr
2-4 hours = $275/hr
5-9 hours = $225/hr
10 hours or more = call for quote

Set up a quick call to discuss your needs so I can customize and streamline your activities with a combination of worksheets and consultations.

I look forward to helping you make your publishing project a success!