Use Scrivener to organize your book and export to ebook formats

Scrivener is an old word for writer and the name of a desktop writing tool that also happens to output your book to EPUB and Kindle formats with a click of the “compile” button. But that’s just a minor feature. A screenwriter friend of mine swears by it to organize his thoughts and make notes without cluttering up the script, and I am finding it extremely helpful in organizing my book. Organize chapters, segments, characters, themes, and plots. Switch from manuscript view to segment view to bulletin-board view. Make comments, insert keywords, customize your layouts. Try it free for a month, or pay $45 for a full license, Mac or Windows.

Why I like it: I’ve been using Scrivener for about a month now to organize my China Road Motorcycle Diaries travelogue. The plot, or travelogue part of the book is done, but the themes, inner journeys are not at all organized. So Scrivener is helping me identify and develop, or eliminate, material that will make the book complete.