November 19

Use Pressbooks to create a book from your blog


Import your WordPress blog into Pressbooks and you have the basis for a book. Create an account, name your book, upload a cover, insert front matter and add chapters, all in the cloud, via your web browser. Just navigate to your WordPress blog and export your posts in XML format to your desktop. Then import them into the Pressbooks account. Reorder, edit, insert images, invite collaborators, fiddle and finesse the book using the WordPress-like interface. Export to EPUB for ebooks and to PDF for print. Pressbooks, like WordPress, is a free and open source program but, for a reasonable fee, they can help you with custom designs for print and ebooks.

Why I like it: Pressbooks just let me organize my MotoSFO “wine country” category into a separate ebook magazine. Wow. It was almost too easy! Click to read it on the web. It’s free!

Motorcycle Northern California Wine Country

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