Understanding Graphic Design

Before you go and start trying to design your book cover or your website yourself it helps to get some learning behind you… probably you’ll end up hiring a pro. Let me rephrase that.  you will be hiring a pro. Because your branding and design are your biggest sales tools. It’s how you hook readers into buying your book. So treat it with respect, get familiar with terms and general rules, and go talk to somebody who can help sell you.

1) Canva.com offers: Getting thrown into the world of graphic design can sometimes feel like learning a new language.

Kerning, tracking, warm colors, cool colors, CMYK, RGB, OMG. There are a lot of technical terms thrown around and it can get confusing at the best of times. But, if you’re finding yourself confused, never fear – we’re here to help.

So, whether you’re a new designer yourself, are just a little curious, or are simply trying to decipher your designer’s emails, sit back and relax as we break down some common terms for you…

2) Just Creative offers: 99 Sites All Designers Must Know About

is a list of 99+ graphic design resources, in English and (and a few other languages), that all designers must know about.

It is sorted by category (click to go to category):

3) Lealea’s blogblog has a great post on The Art of Self-Branding. Here is Part One. 

Branding. Most people think that “brand” begins and ends with the logo, when the truth is much more than that. Essentially, a brand is an idea and perceived value formed by its intended audience based on a company’s culture, product, and service. An identity system that includes the logo and colour scheme is typically the starting point of a brand, but it can branch out to exactly how you word things to customers, to what type of people you hire, to what furniture you even want to use. Tyler Durden says, You’re not your khahkis. With branding, you’re not your frigging logo. Not quite…

4) What is graphic design? is an interview series on the Graphic Design Blog. Get inside the heads of graphic designers!

5) Logo design basics are explained really well in this piece by UCreative on Logo Design Tips.

Logo design is arguably one of the most important and valued areas of design. A quality logo design combined with the branding of an organization or company can become one of the most powerful forces in today’s society. If you love logo design as much as I do, then I am sure you will enjoy these logo design tips and resources…