Testimonials for the Self-Pub Boot Camp Courses

Here's what people are saying about the Self-Pub Boot Camp courses. You can find them at www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com.

"If you're serious about creating an author business then this [business] course is a must. Carla has broken the courses down into bite-size, manageable pieces that even the busiest person can find the time to work through and never lose focus. Her friendly nature and responsiveness to questions is a bonus you'll not find everywhere. She truly cares about our success."

— A. M. BochnakFortitude Rising

"Carla’s [Freedom] course is a must for the novice and seasoned self-publisher alike. She lays out the essential steps in a logical and understandable way. She’ll answer questions you didn’t know you had about the publishing industry!"

—Jeanette F. ChaplinEd.D., author, Fireweed Glow and other books

"It's actually fun to take these lessons. They are full of good advice, practical tips, and they include tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. Carla's infectious, bright personality and generous willingness to help others work their way through the jungle of self-publishing is evident throughout the course."

Tamara Merrill, author, The Augustus Family Trilogy

[The Self-Publishing Freedom] course is easy enough for newbies and enlightening for those like myself with certain publishing experience. King gives great ideas and processes around working with beta readers and includes two valuable resources in this module, the Consumer's Guide to Writing & Publishing Tools & Services and the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors. If you are interested in going the indie publishing route, I suggest you start here and travel with Carla!"

Karen KappePublisher, Tragus Media Project

"Carla King's courses and experiences have been the most critical step along my road to self-publishing. Her many years of experience in the field is continually updated, and thereby you receive current pertinent information, a critical element in a quickly changing world. After a mediocre experience with an established publisher for my first book, I considered another book project to be unlikely. Without her help and guidance on self-publishing, I doubt my most recent two books would have been written."

— Norm DeWittMotorsports author, Making it Faster, Faster Publishing

"The courses are full of good advice, practical tips, and includes tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. Carla's infectious, bright personality and generous willingness to help others work their way through the jungle of self-publishing is evident throughout the courses. It was her first book and her enthusiasm that encouraged me to successfully publish four books."

— Tamara MerrillThe Augustus Family Trilogy, Konstellation Press

"Self publishing can be terrifying for any author—beginner or experienced. Carla's solid research and soothing narrative gives us authors a chance to breathe comfortably and feel the courage needed to plunge into current turmoil that used to be called the publishing business. While I haven't fully abandoned liquid courage, I need a lot less of it thanks to Carla's invaluable guidance."

— Michael ShamesSplashstories.com

"Several years ago I attended one of Carla's workshops and I’ve been a raving fan ever since. I was thrilled when she offered online courses and I signed up for the bundle as soon as it was launched. I can’t say enough about the material and the care she takes to help authors achieve success. Carla’s long history as a writer, publisher, consultant, and workshop leader contributes to the richness of this course which is practical, comprehensive, engaging, inviting, inspiring, and empowering. I'm especially grateful for the lifetime access and continual updates as I continue on my publishing journey."

— Lynn FraleyAgeless Energy

"The courses include theories, concepts, application of the processes, and content from industry experts in various focused publishing disciplines. The lessons are strategically grouped in small sections for digestible consumption and the workflow helps demystify the author and publishing relationships in the process, illustrates the potential pitfalls when rushing the process, and helps build a solid learning framework."

— Carl A. Bolton, Software Asset Management: Compliance Audits, Business Practices and License Optimization

"Too often people rush to self-publishing only to find out they have made costly blunders. As a teacher, Carla King will show you how to avoid these mistakes, publish a better manuscript, and position yourself toward larger profits."

— Stephen T. HollandEnglish & Education Professor, Eastern Iowa Community College and Publisher, "Talkin' Dan Gable"

"Carla’s teaching abilities, to not only explain writing in general, but to provide the knowledge necessary to take one's book from start to fruition is much appreciated by the seasoned author as well as one just starting out. Her accomplishments speak for themselves! My writing career has only been possible by the commitment of Carla to teach everything that one needs to know!"

— Dan DockeryUpstart Author

"Carla’s well-organized courses about self-publishing are packed with friendly and helpful ideas."

— Leila PeltosaariSell Your Words, Tikka Books