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Last week I went up to the Santa Barbara Writers Conference on the invitation of Marla Miller, Freelance Writer, Author & Founder of Marketing The Muse, a resource site for writers en route to publication. She had invited me to present self-publishing tools for her Marketing the Muse workshop and to speak to the conference as a whole in a Platform Building panel. It was a great experience seeing light bulbs go off over the heads of authors being inspired by technology inspired by authors, if you get what I mean.

The three publishing tools (of the 20 or so I presented) that got the most oohs and ahs from authors were these:

PressBooks, the awesome, evolving and incredibly affordable cloud-based publishing platform that exports to PDF, MOBI and EPUB and also creates a book from your blog. This is a great way to create not only finished books, but booklets as giveaways for your website visitors who sign up for your email newsletter. (You do have an email newsletter, don’t you? If not, I recommend Mailchimp.)

Slicebooks, which slices your books into segments/chapters. It allows you to remix the slices into new books and allows readers to remix your slices with any other slices of other books in their store to create their own.

Bitly, which shrinks your URL, creates a bookmark for you on the Bitly site and keeps track of how many people clicked on it. It also has a browser extension you can install so that when you are reading something on the web that you want to share, you just click the Bitly extension on your browser bar and it automatically pops up with a Twitter, Facebook and email sharing pop-up so you can do it right then and there.

Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) extensions are very handy and there are many, including those for Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, Evernote and the Feedly RSS reader.

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