January 29

Experts Help You Navigate the Rocky Road to Self-Publishing


Carla King Borrego Rock TrailToday as I was working on my self-publishing presentations for the San Francisco Writers Conference coming up in February, I distracted myself for a little while by looking through my iPhoto album. In it was this great photo of hiking up a boulder-strewn trail in Borrego Springs last fall. Being a NorCal girl, I am used to hiking quietly on well-defined pathways padded thickly with redwood tree needles. This boulder scrambling was frustrating, and I came to lots of dead ends and had to backtrack. The other hikers – all locals – had all taken different routes, and at times I wondered if I’d ever see them again! Which was the best route? Should I have followed him? Should I have followed her? Or was it okay to pick my own path? And did I prepare throughly with the right boots? Darn it! I forgot a hat! Did I bring enough sunscreen and water?

Whew! I did eventually find success, reaching an oasis where the shade of the palms and the trickle of water were most welcome, and my friends were waiting for me, patiently, and laughing a little. Yes, I should have followed an experienced expert!

SF Writers OasisSo if you’re scrambling to find the right tools and services to publish your book, or are confused about editing, design, social media marketing, printing, ebook formatting, blogging, and selling, then I hope you can find your way to San Francisco. The city is an real oasis for writers, and the San Francisco Writers Conference is a highlight of our year.

This is my third year presenting Self-Pub Boot Camp after the San Francisco Writers Conference, and what I like best is that the energy from the conference spills over so generously. Even if you didn’t attend, you’ll feel the buzz. The presenters have spent all weekend talking in depth with authors who are eager for information, tools and services. Many of the students have stayed over an extra day, realizing that yes, self-publishing is a step in the writing journey. So you not only get the benefit of the presenters’ expertise, but their fresh new ideas and thoughts from the feedback of over 500 attendees.

Here’s the lineup. And there’s more information, plus audio/video interviews with the presenters, on this page. The all-day costs $198 and includes my how-to guide in print plus a bunch of freebies and discounts from amazing authors and companies who support Self-Pub Boot Camp.

The Experts at Self-Pub Boot Camp 2014 SF Writers

You don’t have to attend the conference to join us for the Monday Self-Pub Boot Camp, but you do need to sign up at the conference website. Here’s where to go. And stay tuned for presenter profiles leading up to the boot camp.

Got questions? I’ve been contacted by several potential attendees asking exactly what we’re covering. So I’ve posted an extended agenda with audio/video of all the presenters. Check it out on this page.

Still got questions? Contact me!


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