Self-Publish Your Book Seminar, San Rafael on Friday Nov 30 at 7pm

Open Secret Bookstore Self-Publishing Event 2012

This is special class in a special place – your local independent Open Secret Bookstore, music and world art gallery, and the Rainbow Body Cultural Center. So come on in, enter the temple room, grab a cushion (or bring your own low chair), your journal and pen or your laptop or tablet computer and get a three hour self-publishing transmission and copy of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is included in the price of the workshop, $49.

Create the book you dream of.
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You're already subscribed! Hey, do you need more help getting your book out into the world? Head over to www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com to find what you need. Thanks! ~Carla
About the author

Carla King

Carla King is a travel and technology writer turned author and self-publishing expert. She started self-publishing in 1995 and founded the Self-Pub Boot Camp series of educational books, workshops, and online courses in 2010. She runs the self-publishing and technology track at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a series of online courses at www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com.