PublishDrive announces Amazon Advertising tool updates

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PublishDrive is an ebook distribution company that competes with other services like Smashwords, Draft2Digital, StreetLib, and IngramSpark. They're differentiating themselves with deep reach into the Chinese English-speaking market via their partnership with Dangdang (the Amazon of China), ebook marketing options, and an Amazon Advertising tool you can access within your PublishDrive account. 

Carla King and Kinga Jentetics at the San Francisco Writers Conference in Feb 2019.

I enjoyed meeting founder Kinga Jentetics at the San Francisco Writers Conference this month in panels and the exhibit booth, along with Adam Woods, their Author Success Coach.

Today's announcement is about updates to their Amazon Advertising tool that helps you figure out reader targeting and announces Savant, their AI program that will help you identify relevant product targeting. You don't need to be a PublishDrive author to take advantage of this. Just open an account, start a book (you don't have to publish it) and use the tool.

Below is the official press release and here's a link to their site.

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Press Release


Last month, PublishDrive introduced a built-in Amazon advertising tool, representing a first in the self-publishing industry. PublishDrive has released an updated version of the tool, which now supports advanced targeting options and is enhanced by proprietary AI technology. Together, these updates will help authors reduce costs from unwanted clicks and improve overall campaign performance.

Previously, the tool supported automatic keyword targeting, which is great for authors who are new to advertising. With this option, Amazon matches the ad with relevant keywords and products that are similar to the book being advertised. The tool’s updated capabilities give advanced users more freedom and control to refine their advertising strategy.

PublishDrive users can now take advantage of the following targeting options and features:

  • Manual Keyword Targeting: Users can handpick the keywords they want to target.
  • Negative Keywords: Users can exclude keywords to prevent irrelevant traffic from driving up costs.
  • Product Targeting: Users can target specific products to refine their campaign.
  • AI Technology: Savant, PublishDrive’s proprietary artificial intelligence program, helps identify the most relevant products to target for optimal campaign performance.

PublishDrive’s CEO, Kinga Jentetics stated, “PublishDrive was thrilled to be the first self-publishing platform to offer Amazon’s robust advertising tool. With the recent updates, it has become an even more valuable part of the platform. The advanced targeting options will help authors increase their chances of running successful campaigns and boosting sales.”

“What I personally love the most,” Jentetics added, “is that we’ve integrated Savant, PublishDrive’s AI-based robot, to help with more aspects of the publishing journey.”

About PublishDrive: PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform that distributes ebooks to over 400 stores worldwide, including Amazon, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. As a partner in publishing, PublishDrive makes it easy for authors to manage global ebook distribution and marketing on a single platform. With their free ebook conversion, a built-in marketing suite, and flexible pricing options, authors can spend less time worrying and more time writing.

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