July 1

Print 2-Sided Color Book Covers on Your POD Paperback


IngramSpark can now print color pages on both sides of your book cover with duplex printing. Imagine the kind of information you can provide on the inside cover: art, images, testimonials, book description, contact information!

I like IngramSpark for distributing trade paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebooks via the wide Ingram distribution network. (More info on book aggregation and distribution in a previous post.) If you’re just publishing on Amazon now, you can use IngramSpark to get your book everywhere else.

Don’t forget to set up your covers correctly using the free Cover Template Generator before you upload your files. It includes a free bar code, too!

IngramSpark and Lightning Source offer duplex printing inside the book cover
IngramSpark (like its process engine Lightning Source) offers duplex printing inside the book cover

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