PressBooks Video on the Book Publishing Process

How to Make a Book with Pressbooks Video

To get a 25% discount on Pressbooks exports, send an email to deals@pressbooks.com with the code: CARLAKING.

If you have a lot of content on your WordPress blog and you want to create a book from it, this is the tool I most often recommend to organize your work. You just download your blog posts to your desktop, then upload them to your free PressBooks account, rearrange, edit, add front and back matter, and…. voila! You have your draft. You can export it to a doc file to work on it in Word, or make an ebook or print book. It’s a versatile product.

I’ve used PressBooks to publish three books now and I love it. They’ve just posted a video on how to use the tool. Check it out!

The Pressbooks Guide to Self Publishing: How to Make a Book


And hey, I have a discount code for you if you decide to use PressBooks. To get a 25% discount on Pressbooks exports, send an email todeals@pressbooks.com with the code: CARLAKING.

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