September 17

Pressbooks discounts and news for ebook and print book creation


I wanted to pass this news from Pressbooks on to you. Pressbooks is an online (in the cloud) publishing system that I’ve used twice to create books. It also has a great blog-to-book capability and they allow you to import from Word. They have awesome templates that export to PDF for print and MOBI and EPUB for ebook files. So I encourage you to take a look and try them out. You can play for free and it’s only $25 to remove the watermark to the ebooks, $100 for both ebook and print.

Here’s what Pressbooks sent me today:

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Find out about the Pressbooks ebook and print book creation tool in Carla King’s latest self-pub blog post.

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From group trainings to video tutorials and editing tips, this month, we’re making it even easier for you to publish your book.

1. Deal! 25% off PDF+EBOOK Pro upgrade

We’re offering a back-to-school deal on upgrade packages. Using the upgrade code SEPTPDF, get 25% off your PDF+EBOOK Pro package.

To redeem:

  • Send an email to deals@pressbooks.com
  • include the link (Web address) to the book you would like to upgrade
  • add the discount code (SEPTPDF) in the subject line

2. Video: Import manuscripts from Word

Wondering how to get files from Word into Pressbooks? Watch the first of our short video tutorial series here.

3. Pressbooks welcomes marketing manager, Liz Mays

Liz Mays has been working with Pressbooks for some time now, in fact you’re reading this newsletter mostly because of her! In addition to wordsmithing newsletters, Liz has been Facebooking and Twittering, prepping a Guide to Self-Publishing, making tutorial videos, reaching out to organizations and much much more. So, belatedly we’d like to extend a big welcome to Liz to the Pressbooks team. And, if you’ve got ideas for cross-promotional partnerships or other opportunities to help us get the word out about Pressbooks, please contact liz@pressbooks.com.

4. Gary Smailes on how to hire an editor

Bubblecow provides “publisher-standard” editing and proofreading to self-published writers. Since 2007, they have successfully edited more than 1,000 books from all genres. Owner Gary Smailes makes hiring an editor simple.

5. Interested in a Pressbooks webinar?

Pressbooks is beginning to offer webinars to select organizations. If you’re interested in training for your association or group, we’re glad to oblige. Email liz@pressbooks.com.

6. Upgrade Now…Ebook Pro Prices Going Up

We’ve left the bad news for last: For a long while we’ve advertised the Ebook Pro upgrade price as $25, but we’ve left the actual price you pay at checkout at $10. Starting Oct. 1, we’ll be charging $25 per title for EBOOK+PRO upgrades, so if you were planning to upgrade soon, you can save by doing so now. The PDF package price ($100) will remain the same.

That’s it for Pressbooks right now. Stay tuned for more updates on self-publishing tools you can trust. I’m looking forward to updates from Vook, IngramSpark and BookBaby soon!

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