Practical editing software for indie authors

Because professional editors are so expensive (and worth every penny), the purchase of electronic editing software can be a smart investment. Here’s a review of the four best tools for authors offering “first-pass” or “last-pass” editing to clean up mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These tools do much more work than the built-in spelling and grammar checkers in your word processor. They alert you to overuse of adverbs, clichés, redundancies, overlong sentences, sticky sentences and glue words*, vague and abstract words, diction, and misuse of dialog tags, to name just a few. Some of these tools will even connect you with a human editor with a click of a button.

  • AutoCrit for Mac and Word for Windows annual subscription $144
  • Grammarly for browser annual subscription and Word for Windows plugin $139.95
  • ProWritingAid free online with $35-$120 paid premium with Word for Windows plugin
  • SmartEdit  offers a full-featured 10-day trial, $57 online tool, $67 Word for Windows plugin

Read my entire review of these tools on my post for BookWorks.

Carla King

Carla King is a travel and technology writer turned author and self-publishing expert. She started self-publishing in 1995 and founded the Self-Pub Boot Camp series of educational books, workshops, and online courses in 2010. She runs the self-publishing and technology track at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a series of online courses at www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com.