Need a handyman to fix your ebook?

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Can’t get it quite perfect? eBook Architects rightly points out that:

With the increasing number of eBook creation tools and services available to authors and publishers, you no longer have to be a coding guru or even very technically adept to make a basic eBook file. However, just being able to use a tool does not mean you have an eBook that will work well on all of the eBook devices on the market, or that your readers will get the best experience possible. While tools will usually create ePub files that validate according to the official ePub specification, we talk to many authors and publishers who get error reports from Apple and other retailers when their file is uploaded. These error reports are complete code gibberish to the uninitiated, and can be confusing to figure out.

Use eBook Architect’s brilliant “handyman service” to tinker with your ebook files until they’re perfect.

eBook Architects' Handyman Service

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