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I learn a lot from free quick consult calls. It's the way I keep in touch and create relevant offerings, consulting packages, and courses. Really. Please book a call today! ~Carla

Kathy Tong, Author, Not-Quite-Supermodel
Kathy tong

Actor and Author

Carla is genuinely rooting for you and your success, and she reinvigorated me and boosted my confidence. Her guidance has been invaluable. I am been beyond thrilled! 




What You’ll Get During Your Free Quick Consult

You'll get a quick answer on what's necessary to achieve your short term and long term goals.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Send me your progress, your stuck points, your goals, your questions, and your related links or example links.

What Happens During the Call

Based on the information you've given me, I'll give you a quick and honest answer.  The more information you can provide in advance, the better. We only have a short time!

What Changes After the Call

First, you'll breathe a big sigh of relief because the fog of confusion will have lifted. I will have probably suggested a path to progress, which may include links to information, online courses or workshops, membership programs, and services you need now or in the near future. Most likely, you will need to pay for services, whether it's a publishing consult, a course, workshop, a professional book formatter, a website pro, a designer or illustrator... I'll let you know how to choose a reputable service provider. 

About Carla

Carla King is an author, editor, publishing expert, and advisor who helps other authors and publishing professionals succeed. She's a great listener with a talent for quickly answering your questions and creating clarity from chaos. Whether you need a quick answer or a roadmap, she'll draw on her two decades of experience as a writer, publisher, and industry watchdog to help meet your goals.

Why They Recommend the Call

This isn't a sales call but you may need to buy something - a course, a workshop, a membership program, or time with an expert. It's a call to provide you with the clarity you need to achieve your goals. I may recommend one or more of my products, services, workshops, or courses, but as often as not I refer out to someone I trust in my network of writing, editing, and publishing experts. 

Rosamond Banks, Common Knowledge, a Novel
rosamond banks


Technology is one of Carla's strong suits. She broke everything down into simple, manageable pieces and patiently shows how everything fits.

Lynn Fraley, Ageless Energy


Carla has the gifts of extraordinary wisdom, inspiration, creativity and infinite patience.



Carla, you are such an inspiration to me! If it weren’t for you, I’d still be buying individual ISBNs.

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