Indie Pub Love: Smashwords

This week’s indie pub love goes out to Smashwords’ Mark Coker, self-publishing author-enabler with his wildly successful publishing engine. If you’re self-publishing a text heavy ebook this is the place to be. Smashwords only makes money when authors make money. They have no author services to sell you, not even a how-to guide because Mark gives those away free. Smashwords’ ability to generate ebooks definitely adds fuel to the fire under big-pub’s feet to treat authors more fairly by giving us options. Since it was founded in 2008 the gatekeeper mentality for book publishing has eroded. For this and so many other reasons, a big indie pub smooch to Smashwords!

Indie Pub Love Smashwords

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The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for AuthorsI cover how to create and distribute ebooks with Smashwords, Amazon KDP, and many other tools and services in my how to guide: The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors. This is an essential guide to getting it done… just like these authors have!

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