Free consumer's guide to writing & publishing tools & services

Get reviews of the tools and services you need to self-publish. Includes Amazon, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Canva, Reedsy, Grammarly, BookFunnel, MailChimp, Kirkus Reviews, and over 100 more in this free guide.


Create a foundation for success, be free to self-publish, become a hybrid author, or pursue an agent and a traditional publishing deal. Prepare your manuscript professionally, distribute, market, and sell your books. The courses are text-based, encyclopedic, and augmented with audio-video presentations on strategies, tools, and techniques you need to succeed. You don’t have to do this alone. Let the experts help you create a book that is indiscernible from books published by the large presses.

The Self-Publishing Freedom Course

Marketing starts here! Prepare your manuscript to professional standards, gather a tribe of early readers who will become your superfans, build a platform on the web, make sure your book lands on the right virtual shelves, and be free to self-publish or get an agent and a traditional publishing deal. 

How to Set Up Your Own Publishing Business

As an independent author and publisher you wear many hats, including that of a small-business owner. This role can be rewarding because you have so much more control than if you sell your books to a publishing company.  Legal, taxes, business plans, copyright, and so much more. 

Make your book: Formatting and Design Essentials

Formatting, production, interior and book cover design. It takes a village! What is PDF, EPUB, and MOBI? What goes on the front, back, cover, and inside flaps? How do I size images? What fonts should I use for print and digital versions? Learn how to do it yourself or to hire it out.

And still more courses on distribution, direct sales, and PR & marketing strategies.


Here's what authors are saying.

Carla’s course is a must for the novice and seasoned self-publisher alike. She lays out the essential steps in a logical and understandable way. She’ll answer questions you didn’t know you had about the publishing industry!

            Jeanette F. Chaplin, Ed.D., Fireweed Glow 

It's actually fun to take these lessons. They are full of good advice, practical tips, and they include tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. 

           Tamara Merrill, The Augustus Family Trilogy

I love creating these courses for you. I've been self-publishing since 1995. Back then I was a technical writer who penned a bicycling guide to the South of France. I dreamed of writing guidebooks, travel articles, and travelogues as my full-time job. Publishing companies liked my work but said it wasn't mainstream enough, which is why I turned to self-publishing. And I succeeded!

Pretty soon other authors started asking me how I did it, so I started teaching workshops and writing how-to guides. I loved it! I loved helping authors sort through all the products and services available to find the right ones. I loved testing new ebook creation technologies. I loved meeting the founders of these companies, presenting at conferences, and consulting with authors.

I'm living my dream: traveling, writing, publishing, and helping others succeed in their publishing journeys. Please let me know how I can help you.


Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

Carla King, founder, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

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