Great Free Editing Tools for Indie Authors

Great Free Editing Tools for Indie Authors

In a previous post, I reviewed some robust editing tools worth paying for that also help you become a better writer. This post explores free editing tools that aren’t as fully-featured but have the advantage of being free to use. In addition, each editing tool offers a unique feature set that you might find irresistible. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Consistency Checker finds mistakes that spelling and grammar checkers won’t find.
  • Draft is a free, browser-based document creation and collaborative editing tool with a robust feature set and a “human editor” service.
  • At this point, it’s time to learn a little about Markdown language.
  • Hemingway App is a free, browser-based writing tool with a $10 desktop app for Mac & Windows.
  • Poetica is a free, browser-based editing tool that also offers a WordPress plugin for collaborative editing of posts and pages.
  • WriteMonkey is a distraction-free writing tool that offers extras with a donation.

Get the breakdown of each tool in my post for BookWorks.