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Done for you book formatting

Did you know you're going to have to format your book more than 5 times before you publish? This is one of the most time-sucking, energy draining, frustrating tasks authors in my writing and publishing groups have struggled with, so I decided to solve it by doing it for you. 

How would it feel to know that book formatting is done for you through the entire lifecycle of your book? 

(Did you just breathe a big sigh of relief?) 

Yep. You concentrate on finishing and publishing your book and let me take care of the formatting. 


Carla is diligent and relentless in pursuit of the success of your book.

She was the jungle guide I needed to bring my book into the world. Publishing is not as easy as some things. But she makes it much easier. If your time is valuable and you want your book to succeed, you need to hire Carla.

Andy Edstrom

Author, Why Buy Bitcoin

Did you know you'll need to format your book at least five times over the life of your book?

Why? Because book formatting is not a one-and-done process. Instead of messing with formatting for the year it takes you to develop your story, edit it, then finish and publish your book, you can concentrate on getting it out there, connecting with other authors, influencers, the media, and readers. You can concentrate on marketing your book and building your street team. You can concentrate on making sure the world knows about your book when it launches.

So stop tinkering with Word and trying to create beautiful PDF, EPUB, and MOBI versions of your manuscript. Let us take care of the book production process while you finish and publish your book. 

In this 11-minute mini training on book formatting as part of your publishing journey, you'll learn the five steps to publishing a book, the book formats you need for each step, and a little about the publishing process. And keep reading on down the page for pricing, details, and more about me. Also, please book a call with me. I'm happy to talk about your formatting needs and I can also help with other processes like book marketing, list building, and book launches.

Here's your free mini-training on the role of book formatting in your publishing journey



Your manuscript formatted correctly in Microsoft Word.




Only need a one-time formatting service? We can do that, too!

  • One-time formatting in Word
  • Simple headers and footers 
  • Up to 80,000 words
  • Upload to 2 platforms 
  • Super-fast turnaround

Call for custom quote on complex books.


Your book is complex if it incorporates any or several of  the following elements. Check with us for a quote.

  • Pull quotes in different font
  • Text messages in different font
  • Inner dialogue in different fot
  • Bulleted lists
  • Images
  • Text boxes
  • Columns
  • Footnotes


STAGE #1: Send us your draft manuscript and get a cleanly-formatted Word doc you can share or upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other document sharing app.

You'll share this version of your manuscript with critique partners...  a couple of other authors who are also writing books like yours, or members of a writing group. In my critique groups we format our stories, chapters, or entire manuscripts in Word, then copy them to Google Docs to share so all the feedback is consolidated. 

STAGE #2: Once you've incorporated feedback from your critique partners, send us your edited manuscript and get a cleanly-formatted Word doc plus PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files to share with early readers. You can use any tool but I recommend choosing BookFunnel, StoryOrigin, or ProlificWorks.

This is the early-reader (beta-reader) stage. Once you get feedback from critique partners, you'll start sharing your work with as many early readers as you can. (This is also where you start quietly building your book marketing street team.) Share your PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files with readers using using BookFunnel, StoryOrigin, or ProlificWorks to grow your list and get further feedback from them.

STAGE #3: Once your beta readers have weighed in, send us any further changes to your manuscript and get cleanly-formatted Word doc you can send to your copyeditor.

Yep, once you incorporate feedback from your beta readers, you're ready to hire a copy editor. Editors want a totally stripped-down Word doc and that's what you'll get in this stage of your book formatting lifecycle. Call us for a custom quote if you have lots of formatting that will take extra time. (See examples in the pricing table below.)

STAGE #4: You're almost there! Give us your corrected manuscript along with your front matter, end matter, and a table of contents and we'll include that in this round of formatting so you can get it proofread.

You'll need proofreading because the editor has made changes and you have made changes. In this stage you'll hand it over to a proofreader, family, friends, and any beta readers you can find who like to do that kind of thing, and make sure your manuscript is perfect.

STAGE #5: Send us your final, corrected manuscript and we'll send you a cleanly-formatted Word doc with headers and footers, front matter, end matter, and a table of contents (both print and a linked ebook TOC). You'll also get PDF, MOBI, and EPUB versions of your book. Now you can upload it to Amazon, IngramSpark, Smashwords, and any other online retailer or distribution service or direct selling platform (such as your own website). We'll help you if you need it.

Get ready! Now it's time to make it a real, live book. You can upload the document we supply for publication. If you feel you need more design elements you can hand it over to a professional book designer to design your book interior in InDesign.

Please note that book covers are not included. You can contact me for book cover designer recommendations.


Got questions? Need more info? 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Send an email message or call 1.510.230.4262 or, even better, book a free consult.