Finesse Your Book Launch with this Great Author Marketing Bundle

Author Toolkits for Self-Publishers

I grew up in the self-publishing industry with a few key people you have probably already heard of. Joel Friedlander is one of them, and he’s gone from book designer to designer of a suite of amazing products that help indie authors succeed in everything from book formatting to blog templates to creating a media kit. He often partners with experts, and today he’s partnered with platform-building and marketing expert Kimberley Grabas to create a template to organizing a successful book launch. You’ll want it even if you’ve already launched your book, especially if it wasn’t the big bang you’d hoped for. So use the marketing tools and techniques in this kit to catch up and relaunch with finesse.

Author Toolkits for Self-Publishers

As an author and book consultant I help authors edit, design, and publish and I can tell you from experience that the marketing end of things is the most difficult of all. Every author is different and, frankly, most authors just don’t have much energy leftover to even think about it. Much less the money!

Consider that I charge $100/hour for book consulting, and I only have so much time. To save energy – both on my end as well as the author’s – I point my authors to great resources like this so we can spend quality time finessing things instead of having them pay me for a basic education in self-publishing. I offer my Self-Pub Boot Camp Virtual Workshop, which educates authors on all aspects of self-publishing, which costs less than one hour of my time for 16 hours of audio-video and 14 different experts.

So when Joel prices his Book Launch Toolkit at $67 (this week only, then it’s $97, still a great price), I urge the authors I work with to run get it. Now we can really spend some quality time together!

All of Joel’s products make the indie author life easier. The book design templates, blog templates, media kit, book launch toolkit are easy to understand, easy to use, and priced fairly, even generously. So it’s easy for me to recommend them. In fact, I’m a very enthusiastic affiliate of this program and if you click my link I get a nice little bonus, without any additional cost to you. So thank you!

So there you go. Get it now and make your life easier as an author. If you’re planning to launch a book within a year, this is the time. If you’ve already launched a book, and want to re-launch with a bang, yep, this is how.



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