Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, independent author! Here are the questions I get the most, and the answers. You can always contact me at hello@carlaking.com.

How do I distribute my ebook and print book?

Great question! There are a LOT of ways to do this. Please read my blog post Distribution: How Your Book Gets to Your Readers. But probably you need to start marketing your book now, yes, before you publish. Competitive analysis and market research are the most important steps to making sure your book fits in the marketplace and making any necessary changes before you think about distribution. I can help you with this in one-on-one consulting with a publishing plan. See below.

I’m just starting out. What do I need to know first?

When you subscribe here, you’ll get the link to download the Consumer’s Guide to Writing & Publishing Tools & Services and a short series of emails that introduce you to self-publishing essentials.

Do you offer courses and workshops?

I work a lot with the Nonfiction Authors Association these days. Find my courses, podcast episodes, and blog posts at this link.

I also offer the Best Seller Book Marketing course which I strongly believe should the be FIRST activity you need to take as soon as you decide to write a book.

If you’d like to create a customized workshop or retreat for your group, please let me know.

Costs vary depending on venue, travel, number of attendees, and materials included (guides, workbooks).

Which tools and services do I need to help me publish?

I’ve created a Consumer’s Guide to Writing & Publishing Tools & Services. It’s a 90-page ebook that reviews companies from Amazon to Vellum. Get it for free (and updates forever) by signing up here.

I’m in the publishing industry. Can you help us reach more authors?

Absolutely. I’ve worked with designers, editors, book coaches, and corporations like Ingram. Whether it’s crafting blog posts, documents, or consulting with you to attract more authors who want to self-publish, let’s talk! I can put together a quote.

Do you provide one-on-one consulting and services?

Yes. Working one-on-one with authors is very satisfying for me, and so I set aside a little time each month to do that. If you just need a few questions answered quickly and want the convenience of “renting my brain,” find out more here and set up a date and time. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how I can help with an email to hello@carlaking.com.


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