What Every Author Needs to Know About Microsoft Word “Styles”

What Every Author Needs to Know About Microsoft Word “Styles”

Microsoft Word “Styles” is the single most powerful tool in an author’s toolbox, yet most writers haven’t even heard of it. How about you? Do you make manual changes to paragraphs and fonts? Do you select each chapter title in your book to change the font size or to style it in bold or italics, left justify or center it? Do you create space between your chapter titles and the first paragraph of your book by repeatedly entering the enter key?

Well, I’m going to show you how easy it is to use styles to consistently format your manuscript in this mini-tutorial. But first, let me give you some motivation to learn this simple way to streamline your work by pointing why you must, and what you’re going to love about it.

  • Using Styles will save you time. You’ll be able to play with the look of your manuscript with one click, instead of manually changing, for example, 24 individual chapter titles, several times.
  • If you apply Styles, you’ll be able to automatically create a table of contents. (Insert > Index and Tables > Table of Contents)
  • Styles is the secret to instant ebook publishing. You’ll be able to upload your manuscript to Amazon KDP and Smashwords, because you’ve already done the formatting. (Ebook readers need those styles to figure out how to display each element of your text.)

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