Easy, Affordable, Professional Interior Book Design

If you are self-publishing a text-heavy book, you no longer have to worry about hiring a book designer. Just use one of these beautiful, professional-looking Microsoft Word templates for as little as $57.

Book Design Templates

Wait a minute, Carla. Do you mean to say that instead of paying upwards of a thousand bucks for professional book design for my print books and ebooks, I can just buy one of these templates starting at 37?

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! I’ve gotten a load of [rhymes with “rap”] from several to-remain-unnamed design professionals for including the words “template, cheap, and professional” in the same sentence.

Sorry ya’ll, I stand by my recommendation. These templates were created by my esteemed college Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, and his partner in design geekdom Tracy R. Atkins, an actual Microsoft Certified Professional.

These templates are going to simplify your world and save you loads of money and time. In the olden days (circa 2011), Joel and I would speak on panels together and the topic of sloppy, unprofessional-looking self-published books designed in Word would always come up. “Learn InDesign!” we cried, in unison. “Hire a professional!” Then we’d reveal how much pro design costs, trying to ignore the ripple of frowny faces in the crowd.

But wait, said Tracy, (back in 2012). I can make Word books look just like InDesign books! No you can’t! said Joel. Yes, I can! No, you can’t! [Okay so that’s a dramatization.]

The gauntlet was thrown down and Joel and Tracy joined forces to create templates in Word that we self-publishers can use to make our books look as good as the pros in both print and in pixels on all the cool e-reading devices and tablets.

This is Self-Pub Boot Camp Approved material in the strongest sense. A great quality product by a reputable vendor and affordably priced, to boot. So don’t wait any longer. Shop for ebook and print book templates by visiting Book Design Templates online. Check out their new “2Way” templates that can be used for both print books and ebooks.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have templates for book covers, too. And book proposals. Check it out.

Eliminate the newbie mistakes. Respect your story and your readers. Shop for templates here.

You may have a few more questions…

Q: So why shouldn’t I just download the free CreateSpace template?
A: Uh… have you seen those templates. Amateur!

Q: Do I have to do that scary PDF and EPUB conversion thing after I’m done?
A: Yes, you do. But their friendly how-to guide takes you step-by-step through it. Easy!

Q: Are there any templates for cover design on their site?
A: Yes! But please, consult a professional!

Q: Will these guys distribute my books to all the online retailers and brick-and-mortar bookstores so I can sit back, collect the money, and write my next book from a beachside hut in Fiji?
A: Woah! You ask too much! (But I like your line of thinking.) These guys draw the line at design and support for the templates. You upload your beautiful book to Amazon CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Smashwords or any other vendor you like who will help you get your books into the hands of readers.

And here’s some breaking news for those of you with more than one book. You can purchase a license for a book series, or if you’re a book designer or book consultant, purchase a commercial license. They even have licenses for small publishers and author co-ops.

So there. May your books be as beautifully read as they are written.


This is affiliate marketing at its best. I get to tell you about a product I love, and Book Design Templates gives me a % of sales that come from my site and links. Your price is the same. I hope you appreciate the information, and thanks for clicking through!