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Self-Publishing Boot Camp Courses with Carla King

Are you really ready to publish?

  • Are you considering self-publishing? Using a hybrid service? Attracting an agent and a traditional publishing deal?
  • Do want the freedom to keep your options open? 
  • Do you want to publish professionally?
  • Do you have a clear view of the path to publication?

You can do it...

Self-Publishing Step-by-Step with Carla King

I can help you figure it out

 I've spent years mapping out the path with my own books and have helped hundreds of authors learn how to publish, too.

I created a set of self-paced online courses for motivated authors: to provide a clear path to succeeding on your self-publishing journey.  

Take a look and explore the courses.  

And I'll see you in the regular office hours when you can ask any question you want.

Carla King, Adventure Travel Journalist, Author, and Self-Publishing Expert

Office hours are a perk of signing up for the courses.

When you click on a course, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Class Curriculum. Some of the lessons are open for preview. 

Check them out!

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Course Curriculum

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You'll get my free Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers that review over 170 companies that help you write and publish, access to instructional webinars, and notifications when things change in the industry. 

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