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Self-Publishing Boot Camp Courses with Carla King

Have you ever thought to yourself...

Why can't I finish this book? What am I going to do with it when it's done? How do I format it? Where do I upload it? How can I get it into stores?

Have you been struggling to sort out all the information on tools and services you need to self-publish, wondering how to start, how to make your book succeed, waiting to reach an audience who wants to read it? You know they're out there.

Do you love it enough, do you want it enough, do you have the stamina to do the marketing, the formatting and design, the distribution, sales, and create a business around your own publishing imprint?

If you have the desire and what you lack is a clear view to the path to publication, I can help.

 I created a set of self-paced online courses for motivated authors: to provide a clear path to succeeding on your self-publishing journey. I've spent years mapping out the path with my own books and have helped hundreds of authors learn how to publish, too. Take a look and explore the courses.  

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Carla King, Adventure Travel Journalist, Author, and Self-Publishing Expert

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When you click on a course, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Class Curriculum. Some of the lessons are open for preview. 

Check them out!

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Course Curriculum

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