You need ongoing support to start your book, finish your book, and publish your book. You may need accountability and focus. You may need help outlining, positioning, editing, evaluating your audience, strategic planning, early marketing activities, attracting early readers, hiring a production team, creating a launch plan, making distribution decisions... Whatever you need, we'll work together over a period of months to keep you motivated, encouragement, accountable, and moving toward a successful book launch. Coaching is all about providing direction, easing your mind, and having fun, and you'll never be alone, lost, or confused.

Thinking about long-term coaching?

What could you achieve with three months of coaching? How much more productive and happy would you be with weekly check-ins for focus and accountability, book positioning, and getting ready for a successful book launch? Schedule a free session to discuss your coaching needs and see if we're right for each other. 

Level 1: Focus and Accountability

Do you need help staying focused? Do you need to work through challenges to meet your goals? To be held accountable?

You want to make real progress.

So we'll work with checklists, worksheets, and calendar items. 

We'll check in with weekly calls and emails.

Level 2: Add Book Outlining, Positioning, and Early Marketing

Along with Level 1 focus and accountability coaching, we’ll get familiar with your genre, connect with other authors, and figure out what angles the media is covering.

We'll recruit beta readers, plus identify and connect with influencers so you can launch to five-star reviews. Woo hoo!

Level 3: Add Chapter and Manuscript Review

In addition to Level 1 and 2 coaching and consulting, I’ll review your chapters and manuscript as as your developmental editor.

We'll work with peer reviewers and beta readers, too.

Let's dive in, have a blast, and make it real.

"You can’t have pleasure in life without skill. But it isn’t an unpleasant task to learn a skill, if the teacher, in the first place, gets you fascinated with it." -Alan Watts

I hope to be that teacher for you!

You're ready! Book a one-hour session with me. I'll send you a Zoom link and you send me an email with the topics you want to discuss. I look forward to it!

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