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Build Your Author Email List

Mailing lists are possibly the most overlooked social media marketing tool for authors ever. When someone finds your website — using a google search, a business card, a web link — they’re visiting because they’re interested in you, your book, or your product. They click and they think, “Hmmmm. Interesting.” But there’s no mailing list […]

Kindle launches new fan fiction site: Kindle Worlds

Kindle Worlds is a new a place to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games. Now you can write in licensed worlds and earn up to a 35% royalty. Some of the current licensed Worlds include: Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars; Valiant comics including Bloodshot and Shadowman; The […]

The future of books in stores

The future for books in retail stores is not unified; it’s dispersed. To the extent that there continue to be bookstores (and although shelf space in them will continue to decline inexorably, they’ll also be around for years to come), the bookstores will increasingly be more about books for reading and less about books for […]

Top 5 Apps for Authors

Authors these days are more than authors. Our days are fragmented with tasks that more resemble those of publishers and marketers, journalists and speakers. We must not only write, but edit, organize, blog, friend, tweet, connect, converse, advise, recripocate, share and share again. These five apps (and I mean “apps” beyond the mobile-only kind) help […]

Self-Publishing Predictions for 2013

Self-publishing predictions for 2013 seem so much less exciting this year. Why? Because the services, technologies, and tools have matured, and authors can choose from a variety of excellent solutions without spending much money at all. In my last post for PBS MediaShift I discuss six tools that matured in 2012, and how they are […]

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide to Smashwords

Smashwords in 4 minutes – learn how easy it is to create and distribute your text-heavy ebook to online ebook retailers and iOS and Android app stores. This audio – video slideshow is the kind of thing I present in the Self-Publishing Boot Camp workshops.

New Smartphones Give More Power to the Publishers

The licensing deals that allow movies, books and music to stream into the latest mobile devices, while long at the heart of their appeal, are becoming even more critical as several of the biggest technology companies fight for an edge in the lucrative market for smartphones and tablets.

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