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David Wogahn of Sellbox talks Amazon Optimization

David Wogahn of Sellbox visited the Self-Publishing San Diego Meetup Group to educate us about how to optimize our books for Amazon.com. Founded in 2002, Sellbox specializes in helping publishers, businesses and organizations develop and market their content in eBook and print-on-demand formats. They provide eBook strategy consulting, conversion services, CreateSpace POD publishing support and […]

Indie Pub Love: Leanpub

Leanpub is one of those under-the-radar services that I like to shine the spotlight on from time to time. The tool was built for computer book authors to be able to publish their work early and often. Why? Because when geeks need the info, they don’t care if there are spelling errors or even if […]

Free Ebooks 3/2-3/8 for Read an Ebook Week

A bonanza for readers! For Read an Ebook Week over 40,000 ebooks are free at Smashwords, Apple, B&N, Diesel, and many other vendors, including my American Borders Motorcycle Diaries. Grab it now along with all the sexy vampire stories you’ll ever want to read. Check out the official RAEW Facebook page, and read an interview […]

Crowdfunding for Self-Publishing Authors

I’d like to welcome Justine Schofield of Pubslush to the Self-Publishing Boot Camp blog, to explain crowdfunding and how Pubslush works. I’m also scheduling a podcast with Pubslush VP Amanda Barbara, so stay tuned. Take it away, Justine! First thing’s first: What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a way to fund creative projects and business ventures […]

Three Authors, Three Crowdfunding Platforms

Authors are choosing to crowdfund their work, and there are now options for them on which platform to use. The question is: Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Pubslush? To explore the pros and cons of those platforms, I interviewed a successful author from each of them to find out why they chose it and how they succeeded. […]