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How to Give Others Access to Your Web Accounts

Your website, MailChimp newsletters and automatic responses, Google Analytics, WordPress website, and GoDaddy web hosting accounts are all interconnected. If you’re like me, you probably hire an expert to help you manage all this. Did you know that you can allow access to others on all these accounts without giving them your username and secret password? Here’s a detailed […]

Self-Publishing Authors: Use an EIN instead of an SSN

Taxes for Authors - the EIN vs the SSN

Your social security number is “you central” to the government, creditors, and identity thieves. And now you’re asked to give it out to online publishers and other entities when setting up your self-publishing business? Yeeks! But don’t worry. There’s an alternative. It’s called the EIN, or Employer Identifier Number, and you don’t have to have employees […]

Make Pre-Orders Part of Your Book Launch Marketing Strategy

Print book preorders IngramSpark self-publishing Carla King

This week, Smashwords announced what they say is its most ambitious feature ever, assetless preorders. I always encourage authors to use Smashwords, the largest ebookseller in the world, to publish and distribute their ebooks to the widest network possible. If you’ve got Smashwords and Kindle, then you’ve got the ebook market covered. Not to mention app stores and libraries. […]

At the San Francisco Writers Conference

It’s just great to be at the San Francisco Writers Conference, over a decade old, I think it’s actually in its 12th year now. Even though I’ve moved to San Diego and Baja, California, I still feel a part of the writers community here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s rich and vibrant and diverse […]