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Why it’s essential for authors to own your ISBNs

Be free to self-publish wherever you like with your own ISBNs

Be free! Own your own ISBNsIf you are an independently published author who wants to self-publish professionally, you absolutely must buy your own ISBNs. This post will show you the many reasons why you should invest in this for your independent author-publisher business. First of all, an ISBN is an International Standard Book Identifier purchased in […]

How to follow the social media rule of thirds

Social Media Rule of Thirds Carla King BookWorks

  People seeking to connect with you will be quick to find your social media profiles and eagerly expect new content. This may create a dilemma, however: what should you post? How much content from your book should you share? How much related news? Is it okay to share purely personal updates? Can you share […]

Mastering Metadata: the Key to Marketing Your Books


Metadata is your best friend and marketing partner, so craft it carefully! When you’re ready to upload your book for publication you’ll need to provide a few types of metadata in your Bowker ISBN record and for the various print and eBook distributors. Book Description (short and long) Author Bio (short and long) Keywords and […]

How to Give Others Access to Your Web Accounts

Your website, MailChimp newsletters and automatic responses, Google Analytics, WordPress website, and GoDaddy web hosting accounts are all interconnected. If you’re like me, you probably hire an expert to help you manage all this. Did you know that you can allow access to others on all these accounts without giving them your username and secret password? Here’s a detailed […]

Why authors should care how customers read your ebooks

Why should you care how customers read your ebooks, what devices they use to read them on, what formats and apps, and what retailers they buy or borrow from? You might think these facts are more useful for book industry folks, but in fact there are many insights of use to authors themselves. In March 2015, […]