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Image resizing tools for your author photo

You’ve been asked to provide your author photo in a particular file size and dimensions. Or you want to shrink an image, or a set of images, to use for the web. There’s no need to hire it out or use photo editing apps. These online tools will do it for you, for free in […]

20 rookie interior book design mistakes to avoid

Professional book people notice rookie mistakes like you notice typos on a billboard.  So don’t use interior book design services from low-cost sites like Fiverr, trusting that they know what they’re doing. They often don’t, and your book is likely to be riddled with rookie mistakes that can easily be avoided. Hire a pro to make your […]

The book design templates I recommend the most

Self-Publishing Book Design Templates Joel Friedlander Carla King

If you’re self-publishing a text-heavy book and you don’t have the money to hire an interior designer you have a couple of good choices: Book Design Templates and Pressbooks.Book Design templatesYou can get beautiful, customizable, and professional-looking Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign templates for as little as $57 for both print and ebook formats. They’ve got […]

Creating Your Author Brand

Author Brand Applies to Everything You Do For writers, author brand is predominantly about your “voice,” but the experience you deliver to readers can be applied to your photo, book cover, website, and more. Part of promoting your book and career as a self-published author is creating a public persona, including identifying images, graphics, words, […]

Understanding Graphic Design

Before you go and start trying to design your book cover or your website yourself it helps to get some learning behind you… probably you’ll end up hiring a pro. Let me rephrase that.  you will be hiring a pro. Because your branding and design are your biggest sales tools. It’s how you hook readers […]

Beyond Microsoft Word: Write Better and Save Money with These Writing & Publishing Tools

A glance inside a construction worker’s toolbox will reveal an assortment of screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers in varying configurations to suit a particular job. Yet professional writers continue to use Word, Word and more Word. That’s like a construction worker showing up to work with just an adjustable wrench. There are more effective options available, […]