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Pronoun & Macmillan: a Shift to More Author-Friendly Publishing?

Last week Macmillan purchased Pronoun, an eBook creation, distribution, and marketing service for independent authors. (See announcement.) Along with Pronoun, Macmillan purchased an innovative entourage that includes Booklr, a data analysis service for eBook sales, and Byliner, which publishes “urgent, necessary journalism for the present day” along with short fiction and serials. But I think that […]

Productize My Book? You Bet! Sell Direct!

When you think about making money with your books do you think about selling books to online and brick-and-mortar stores?  It’s worth pointing out that while distribution is wide, royalties can be paltry.  So don’t stop there, be everywhere!  You can sell your book for greater profits by going direct.  And you can make even […]

How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Page

Your Amazon Author Central page is your home page on the world’s largest bookstore, yet most independent authors don’t take advantage of it.  On it, you can share your biography, photos, feeds to your blog, videos, and tour events.  Your author central page lets you manage what buyers see on each of your book pages, […]

7 Developments in Self Publishing That Will Matter Most to Authors in 2016

Since my first year-end report in 2010 (see also 2013, 2014), the world of self-publishing has stabilized significantly with vendors steadily improving their features and partnering with others to offer more robust services. The publishing industry has been in great upheaval since the mid-90s, sending published and unpublished authors into a panic when faced with unknown options […]

Self-Publishing Authors: Use an EIN instead of an SSN

Taxes for Authors - the EIN vs the SSN

Your social security number is “you central” to the government, creditors, and identity thieves. And now you’re asked to give it out to online publishers and other entities when setting up your self-publishing business? Yeeks! But don’t worry. There’s an alternative. It’s called the EIN, or Employer Identifier Number, and you don’t have to have employees […]

Alternative Ways to Crowdfund Your Book

Many tools, technologies, and services companies say they help you create and sell your ebooks and print books, but only a select few get the “Self-Pub Boot Camp Approved” stamp. Here are three ways to get money for your book before it’s finished, two of which you probably haven’t heard of yet. All of them […]

Crowdfunding for Self-Publishing Authors

I’d like to welcome Justine Schofield of Pubslush to the Self-Publishing Boot Camp blog, to explain crowdfunding and how Pubslush works. I’m also scheduling a podcast with Pubslush VP Amanda Barbara, so stay tuned. Take it away, Justine! First thing’s first: What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a way to fund creative projects and business ventures […]