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Launch your book to five-star reviews

Launch your book to five-star reviews: Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

How do you launch your book to five-star reviews? The answer is easy but the implementation can be a bit time-consuming. So don’t jump the gun by publishing too early. Get these six foundational items checked off, first. You’ll be glad you did!Know where your book belongs on the virtual shelvesBuild a marketing street team […]

Comparing IngramSpark and Amazon KDP Print Royalty

Amazon CreateSpace vs IngramSpark Book Royalty Carla King Self-Pub Boot Camp

It can be tough to choose how to distribute your print books and, to make it even more complicated, you can use combinations of services to maximize your marketing and profits. Lots of authors sell their print book directly to readers who shop in the Amazon store using Amazon KDP Print. They distribute everywhere else […]

Why you need a resale certificate

Taxes: resale certificates

How many times have you ordered boxes of books from Amazon, IngramSpark, or a printing company to sell at an event? Did you pay sales tax on them? Oops! You have the right to get those books tax-free, just like any other wholesale product, because you’re going to collect tax when you sell them. Don’t […]

An ISBN is a birth certificate for your book

An ISBN is like a birth certificate for your book

In this post I’ll answer a reader question about ISBNs. You can ask your own question by clicking the button at the end of this post.I would love to know if owning my own ISBNs allows me to print and distribute my ebook, hardback, paperback not only with IngramSpark and Amazon KDP Print but anywhere […]

Website Tools to Build Your Author Email List

Grow Author Email List Self-Publishing Carla King

You author email list is your number one marketing tool. Here’s how to make your website an email collecting machine in 10 steps. An irresistible freebieAn email marketing funnelA self-hosted WordPress websiteA premium themeLead pagesAn email marketing service providerA notification ribbonA timer (for scarcity marketing)A search engine optimization toolTime for experimentationGROW YOUR EMAIL LIST WITH AN […]

Distribution: How your book gets to your readers

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Amazon IngramSpark Smashwords Draft2Digital Carla King

With all the distribution services available to you, it can be difficult to choose a path. This post aims to clarify those terms and the tools and services I most recommend to independent authors. Ebook distributorAn ebook distribution service distributes your ebook to a wide range of online retailers. Aggregators collect a percentage of sales (about […]

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