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Podcast #2: Len Epp, Leanpub

Leanpub Len Epp Author Friendly Podcast

  Use the “lean publishing system” called Leanpub to upload your books in progress to create early fans, test your book ideas, create serial books (NaNoWriMo!), sell on a sliding scale, and format your books in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF for publication on Amazon and everywhere else. In this conversation with Leanpub Co-Founder Len Epp, we […]

Podcast #1: Introducing the Author Friendly Podcast

Carla King Author Friendly Podcast

 Introducing the Author Friendly Podcast, a consumer’s guide for self-publishers. Each week, I interview the experts behind the products, tools, and services that help authors write, design, format, produce, distribute, market, and sell your books, as well as help you succeed in your craft, career, and business as an independent author. This project is an extension […]