Canva’s new free, ready-to-edit ebook cover designs

Canva announced their ready-to-edit ebook cover designs this month. Take a look and you’ll find a bunch of templates pre-filled with images, fonts, and graphics. You can switch out the image with your own (or stock photo or royalty-free image), and change the font color and sizes.

The Canva Kindle Cover tool makes designs specifically for ebooks to distribute with Amazon Kindle, but you can use them for Smashwords, too, as the minimum width for their covers is 1400 pixels. Apple requires a width of 1400 (x 1873) pixels, and Kobo 1600 x 2400, but you can specify a custom size with Canva.

You don’t need any design skill at all, or any experience using image or graphics tools like PhotoShop or Adobe InDesign. Just choose a template and start customizing. You don’t even have to worry about the size of the graphics as you choose the image type first – Kindle Cover, Blog Title, Facebook banner, business card, presentation, book cover, and much more.

How much does it cost? It’s free to tinker, and a few of the designs are even free. Most of the images cost a dollar or two. Well within anyone’s budget.

I think this is an awesome tool for beta books. Still, when you’re ready to put your book out into the big wide world, please consult a professional designer. Your cover needs to compete in an ever more crowded marketplace.

There are other free and low-cost book cover design tools out there; this one is just for ebooks. If you want a print version, you’ll need a spine and a back cover, of course. I suggest Joel Friedlander’s book cover design template for that… but still, check it with a pro!

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