Book Metadata Consulting

Metadata is your best marketing partner

Getting your book metadata right is your best book marketing strategy because the search engines are your best marketing partners. I'll help you get Amazon and Google to send readers your way by helping you upload the right words about your book. You'll get metadata for:
  1. Your ISBN registrar (Bowker in the US)
  2. Amazon
  3. IngramSpark
  4. Smashwords
  5. Your website and blog

Here's the process:

#1: I'll send you a link to my online course on finding comparable books so you can get familiar with the metadata used by other authors like you writing books like yours.

#2: You'll fill out a form with all the metadata you can think of until you get stuck.

#3: I'll review your metadata form and make adjustments and additions.

#4: Then we'll talk it through until you have all the metadata you need.

About the service

Hi there. I'm Carla King and this is one of the services I developed to help you create a book that readers want. This metadata step gives you a huge leap forward to understanding your market, what readers want, who is writing books like yours, the influencers, and the media, and what the search engines are catching about them. Hundreds of authors have trusted me with their publishing process. I hope you will, too.

This metadata determination process will help you get your book in front of readers by helping Amazon and Google search engines to find you. 

Don't miss this critical book marketing step!

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This book metadata service is you and me discussing your book and making sure that you are attracting the search engine on Amazon  with your book metadata and also Google with your website metadata. I do not hand this off to subcontractors. I look forward to working with you! 

Got questions? Need more info? 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Send an email message or call 1.510.230.4262.