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Why it’s essential for authors to own your ISBNs

Be free to self-publish wherever you like with your own ISBNs

Be free! Own your own ISBNsIf you are an independently published author who wants to self-publish professionally, you absolutely must buy your own ISBNs. This post will show you the many reasons why you should invest in this for your independent author-publisher business. First of all, an ISBN is an International Standard Book Identifier purchased in […]

Distribution: How your book gets to your readers

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Amazon IngramSpark Smashwords Draft2Digital Carla King

With all the distribution services available to you, it can be difficult to choose a path. This post aims to clarify those terms and the tools and services I most recommend to independent authors. Ebook distributorAn ebook distribution service distributes your ebook to a wide range of online retailers. Aggregators collect a percentage of sales (about […]

Great Editing = Great Writing, Great Reviews & Great Sales

Great editing translates into great writing, great reviews, and great sales. This means developmental and structural editing, copy or line editing, and a final round of proofreading. In this post for Bookworks, I explain the various kinds of editing, how you can get what you need, and how much it all costs… Read it here.

How to get your self-published book into libraries

Self-Published Books in Libraries Carla King

It used to be very difficult for self-publishers to get their books into libraries. But today, the library system is increasingly accepting of self-published titles. Here’s how you can get your book onto the bookshelves and into their ebook catalogs.   Be Big on Smashwords Way back in 2014 Smashwords founder Mark Coker made a deal with OverDrive to distribute […]

Practical editing software for indie authors

Because professional editors are so expensive (and worth every penny), the purchase of electronic editing software can be a smart investment. Here’s a review of the four best tools for authors offering “first-pass” or “last-pass” editing to clean up mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These tools do much more work than the built-in spelling […]

The book design templates I recommend the most

Self-Publishing Book Design Templates Joel Friedlander Carla King

If you’re self-publishing a text-heavy book and you don’t have the money to hire an interior designer you have a couple of good choices: Book Design Templates and Pressbooks.Book Design templatesYou can get beautiful, customizable, and professional-looking Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign templates for as little as $57 for both print and ebook formats. They’ve got […]

How to follow the social media rule of thirds

Social Media Rule of Thirds Carla King BookWorks

  People seeking to connect with you will be quick to find your social media profiles and eagerly expect new content. This may create a dilemma, however: what should you post? How much content from your book should you share? How much related news? Is it okay to share purely personal updates? Can you share […]

How to write compelling scenes in travel memoir

Yesterday my friends Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner of Write Your Memoir in Six Months hosted the best webinar ever on writing memoir. It’s on writing scenes. If you’re writing a travelogue, travel stories, or any stories at all, you need to hear this. I promise you’ll come away with a stronger understanding of […]

Use Pressbooks to create a book from your blog

Import your WordPress blog into Pressbooks and you have the basis for a book. Create an account, name your book, upload a cover, insert front matter and add chapters, all in the cloud, via your web browser. Just navigate to your WordPress blog and export your posts in XML format to your desktop. Then import […]

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