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Podcast #10: Kinga Jentetics, PublishDrive

Kinga Jentitics, CEO and Founder of PublishDrive on the Author Friendly Podcast with Carla King

PublishDrive is an ebook aggregator that serves self-publishers and small presses. The company is based in New York City and Budapest, Hungary. Kinga Jentetics is co-founder and CEO of the company, which competes favorably with other aggregators in distribution, royalties, reporting, analytics, and an easy-to-use author-publisher interface.   PublishDrive made a recent deal with Chinese e-commerce […]

Amazon Kindle Announces Kids Book Creation Tool

amazon kids book creator

[Update 9/18/2019: This product is about the only way to get your children’s book onto a Kindle Fire unless you pay for a developer to do it. For EPUB you’ll need Apple’s iBook Author.] Today, Amazon announced Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Kids to help indie authors publish and promote their illustrated and chapter books for […]

Podcast #9: Bryan Cohen, Best Page Forward

Bryan Cohen, Best Page Forward

Best Page Forward is a book description copywriting service for authors founded by Bryan Cohen in June 2015. Since then they’ve provided over 1200 book descriptions for authors like you. Book descriptions are one of those things most authors find difficult to do… or difficult to do well. It’s not our fault! We’re good at writing, […]

Walmart eBooks takes on Amazon Kindle: What does it mean for authors?

Introducing Walmart Ebooks

Walmart and Rakuten Kobo have joined forces to create Walmart eBooks by Rakuten Kobo, a brand that aims to give Amazon Kindle and Audible competition in the ebook and audiobook markets.What does Walmart eBooks mean for ebook authors?If you’re a self-publisher who sells your ebook in the Kobo store, either directly using Kobo Writing Life or an ebook aggregator that […]

Podcast #8: Elizabeth Mays, Pressbooks

Pressbooks Author Friendly Podcast

  Pressbooks is an affordable book design and formatting tool based on WordPress. In this conversation with Elizabeth Mays, Director of Sales & Marketing for Pressbooks, you’ll learn how it works, how much it costs, and tips for success in designing and formatting your books and in the self-publishing process in general. See more in the episode […]

Podcast #7: Greg Ioannou, PubLaunch

Podcast 7, Grego Ioannou, Publaunch

Greg Ioannou runs a hybrid publishing house Iguana Books and uses his crowdfunding platform PubLaunch to help authors fund their books before publication. You can use it, too. He’s expanding the company to provide a marketplace to not only serve Iguana Books but the larger author-publisher community. In this episode, we talk about how PubLaunch works […]

Podcast #6: Mark Coker, Smashwords

Author Friendly Podcast 6 Mark Coker Smashwords

 Smashwords began in 2008 as the first ebook distribution company for self-publishers and remains the world’s leading ebook platform. I’ve known Mark now for a decade and have watched his journey as Smashwords has evolved not only to help authors get your books distributed to the online retailers but to market your ebooks with features […]

Podcast #5: AC de Fombelle, StreetLib

Author Friendly Podcast with Carla King and Podcast 5 AC de Fombelle StreetLib

  StreetLib is an ebook and print book creation and distribution platform that can help you create plain ebooks in EPUB format and fixed-layout EPUBs from a PDF doc. You can sell your book in the StreetLib store, on your own StreetLib author page (with your logo), and create a curated bookstore from the other […]

Podcast #4: Colin Higbie, Scribl

Author Friendly Podcast #4 with Carla King and Colin Higbie, Scribl

  Scribl is an ebook creation, publishing, and aggregation service with some very innovative marketing features. One of those is called CrowdPricing ($CP), which helps authors attract more readers by allowing reviews to determine the price of the book. Another is called Story Elements, which lets you categorize your book in a more granular way […]