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How to Self-Publish Your E-Book

With triple-digit growth in self-publishing services, technologies evolving weekly, and advertising hype, it’s tough for authors to figure out which vendors to choose for which services. In the coming weeks, I’ll be looking at three popular paths to get your print and e-book to online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores, without going through the subsidy presses. […]

A Self-Publisher's Guide to Registering Author Copyright

With the perceived risk among writers of copyright infringement so extremely high it’s no wonder self-publishers are increasingly concerned about making sure their work is copyrighted. Many self-publishing service companies now offer copyright services, but you don’t need to use them. While they charge up to $150 for the service, it costs only $35 to […]


Now in its 28th year, the Central Coast Writers’ Conference features workshops, table talks and a writing competition, among other events. Presenters include science fiction writer Jeff Carlson, literary agent Jill Corcoran, fantasy writer Barbara Hodges and young adult novelist Robin Mellom. This year’s highlights include two new workshops — Chevron Tech, Toys & Toys: […]

Apple vs Amazon: Where they make money

“Apple makes more money on devices than from selling content/services, while Amazon is the opposite. Now, Apple’s model is much more profitable right now, and that’s because they can charge a premium. But in order for them to maintain that premium, they have to innovate in ways that make it difficult for competitors to catch […]

New Smartphones Give More Power to the Publishers

The licensing deals that allow movies, books and music to stream into the latest mobile devices, while long at the heart of their appeal, are becoming even more critical as several of the biggest technology companies fight for an edge in the lucrative market for smartphones and tablets.