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Self-Publishing Your Book: Where's the Money?

There are many ways to sell your self-published print books and e-books, and the associated fees and royalties vary wildly. The highest margins come when you sell from your own online store. You can employ an e-book aggregator/distributor, or upload the e-books yourself to each online retailer. Don’t forget to get into the new (for […]

Top 5 Apps for Authors

Authors these days are more than authors. Our days are fragmented with tasks that more resemble those of publishers and marketers, journalists and speakers. We must not only write, but edit, organize, blog, friend, tweet, connect, converse, advise, recripocate, share and share again. These five apps (and I mean “apps” beyond the mobile-only kind) help […]

Social Media Tools & Techniques for Authors

Last week I presented on social media marketing tools for authors for SPANnet.org, a small- and self-publishing membership organization I really like and recommend to new self-publishing authors to learn about the business, and for published authors to learn how to market their books. My presentation is free, you can download it here. FREE: Social […]

Self-Publishing as a Step Toward Traditional Publishing

Yesterday I held a Self-Publishing Boot Camp all-day workshop in conjunction with the San Francisco Writers Conference. Twenty authors attended, ready to get their book into readers’ hands. Some were committed to self-publishing. Others were looking to self-publishing as a step on the road to a traditional publishing deal. Here is a summary of what […]

Self-Publishing Predictions for 2013

Self-publishing predictions for 2013 seem so much less exciting this year. Why? Because the services, technologies, and tools have matured, and authors can choose from a variety of excellent solutions without spending much money at all. In my last post for PBS MediaShift I discuss six tools that matured in 2012, and how they are […]

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide to Smashwords

Smashwords in 4 minutes – learn how easy it is to create and distribute your text-heavy ebook to online ebook retailers and iOS and Android app stores. This audio – video slideshow is the kind of thing I present in the Self-Publishing Boot Camp workshops.

Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

Read Mark Coker’s free Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success – identifying 28 best practices of the most commercially successful Smashwords authors. Many of the authors are poster children for the best practices he recommends. The Secrets book is all about what you as an author can do to publish professionally. He underscores in the book […]

The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

Non-fiction writers benefit by using the tools that fiction writers use to craft a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end (narrative arc), and to leave readers with the sense that they’ve gone on a journey. Non-fiction writers often make the mistake of chronicling every detail instead of storytelling. How do you […]