Are you paying for book editing too early?

If you’re writing a book, you want it to be perfect. Perfectly edited, perfectly formatted, perfectly designed. But what about perfect for your audience? Read on to find out why you might not want to pay for perfection just yet.Is it ever too early to pay for book editing? Yes! In my opinion, it’s too […]

Image resizing tools for your author photo

You’ve been asked to provide your author photo in a particular file size and dimensions. Or you want to shrink an image, or a set of images, to use for the web. There’s no need to hire it out or use photo editing apps. These online tools will do it for you, for free in […]

PublishDrive announces ebook, print, and audiobook distribution

Self-Publishing Industry News, Carla King, Self-Pub Boot Camp

PublishDrive is an ebook distribution company that competes with other services like Smashwords, Draft2Digital, StreetLib, and IngramSpark. They’re differentiating themselves with deep reach into the Chinese English-speaking market via their partnership with Dangdang (the Amazon of China), ebook marketing options, and an Amazon Advertising tool you can access within your PublishDrive account. Carla King and Kinga […]

Launch your book to five-star reviews

Launch your book to five-star reviews: Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

How do you launch your book to five-star reviews? The answer is easy but the implementation can be a bit time-consuming. So don’t jump the gun by publishing too early. Get these six foundational items checked off, first. You’ll be glad you did!Know where your book belongs on the virtual shelvesBuild a marketing street team […]

Comparing IngramSpark and Amazon KDP Print Royalty

Amazon CreateSpace vs IngramSpark Book Royalty Carla King Self-Pub Boot Camp

It can be tough to choose how to distribute your print books and, to make it even more complicated, you can use combinations of services to maximize your marketing and profits. Lots of authors sell their print book directly to readers who shop in the Amazon store using Amazon KDP Print. They distribute everywhere else […]

Author Photo Tools: How to Remove Backgrounds

Have you got a great snapshot that would make a great author photo, “if only…?” Here’s how to get rid of distracting backgrounds, whether it’s a tree branch growing out of your head, telephone cables crisscrossing the sky, or the shoulder of you know who. If you hire a professional photographer you can ask them […]

How to Create a Self Publisher Imprint Name & Logo

Among the items that make your book scream self-published is a free or vanity imprint, logo, and free ISBN. It’s not that difficult or even expensive to invest in your own ISBNs and create your own publisher imprint logo. Here’s what you need: Purchase your own ISBNs (see my post here) Register a publisher imprint […]

Image Creation Tools for Your Book, Website & Social Posts

Don’t know how to use professional image creation tools to make infographics, reports, and graphics for your books, website, and social media? Not a professional designer? No problem! I tried Infogram, Piktochart, Visme, Venngage, PicMonkey, and Ease.ly to create infographics, social media images, and reports, to see what kinds of tools were out there for non-pros. These are […]

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