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Launch your book to five-star reviews

Launch your book to five-star reviews: Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

How do you launch your book to five-star reviews? The answer is easy but the implementation can be a bit time-consuming. So don’t jump the gun by publishing too early. First get these six foundational items checked off. You’ll be glad you did! 1Know where your book belongs on the virtual shelves 2Build a marketing […]

Comparing IngramSpark and Amazon KDP Print Royalty

Amazon CreateSpace vs IngramSpark Book Royalty Carla King Self-Pub Boot Camp

It can be tough to choose how to distribute your print books and, to make it even more complicated, you can use combinations of services to maximize your marketing and profits. Lots of authors sell their print book directly to readers who shop in the Amazon store using Amazon KDP Print. They distribute everywhere else […]

PublishDrive announces Amazon Advertising tool updates

Self-Publishing Industry News, Carla King, Self-Pub Boot Camp

PublishDrive is an ebook distribution company that competes with other services like Smashwords, Draft2Digital, StreetLib, and IngramSpark. They’re differentiating themselves with deep reach into the Chinese English-speaking market via their partnership with Dangdang (the Amazon of China), ebook marketing options, and an Amazon Advertising tool you can access within your PublishDrive account. Carla King and Kinga […]

Why you need a resale certificate

Taxes: resale certificates

How many times have you ordered boxes of books from Amazon, IngramSpark, or a printing company to sell at an event? Did you pay sales tax on them? Oops! You have the right to get those books tax-free, just like any other wholesale product, because you’re going to collect tax when you sell them. Don’t […]

A book production checklist

Book production tasks checklist self-publishing

Are you ready to upload your book for sale to the online retailers? Got all your front and back matter, images, fonts, and ISBNs? Use this checklist to make sure you’ve done everything you can to create a quality book that competes with books produced in the traditional publishing houses. But first, here’s a quick […]

Podcast #21: Steven Spatz, BookBaby

Bookbaby self-publishing podcast

Learn about BookBaby for a la carte and end-to-end publishing services plus high-quality printing.November 28, 2018 Steven Spatz of BookBaby is on the Author Friendly PodcastListen and subscribe About this episodeSteven Spatz is President of BookBaby. He is also a published writer and marketer. In this episode, you’ll learn about BookBaby’s a la carte self-publishing […]

Podcast #20: Rob Price, Gatekeeper Press

Gatekeeper Press on the Author Friendly Podcast

Learn about Gatekeeper Press for a la carte and end-to-end publishing services.November 15, 2018 Rob Price of Gatekeeper Press is on the Author Friendly PodcastListen and subscribe About this episodeRob Price is a self-published author turned publisher who founded Gatekeeper Press to level the playing field of the book-publishing industry. The company provides full-service publishing […]

Podcast #19: John Burke, Pub Site

John Burke, Pub Site on the Author Friendly Podcast with Carla King

Learn about an easy-to-use website builder just for authors called Pub Site in my talk with co-founder John Burke.November 7, 2018 John Burke of Pub Site is on the Author Friendly PodcastListen and subscribe About this episodeThis episode with Pub Site is for you if you don’t have an author website yet or if you’re […]

An ISBN is a birth certificate for your book

An ISBN is like a birth certificate for your book

In this post I’ll answer a reader question about ISBNs. You can ask your own question by clicking the button at the end of this post.I would love to know if owning my own ISBNs allows me to print and distribute my ebook, hardback, paperback not only with IngramSpark and Amazon KDP Print but anywhere […]

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