Why you need a resale certificate

Taxes: resale certificates

How many times have you ordered boxes of books from Amazon, IngramSpark, or a printing company to sell at an event? Did you pay sales tax on them? Oops! You have the right to get those books tax-free, just like any other wholesale product, because you're going to collect tax when you sell them. Don't get double-taxed. Obtain a resale certificate (also called reseller's permit) and upload it to CreateSpace and IngramSpark and they won't charge tax. Here's how:

  • First, obtain a resale certificate
  • Claim tax exemption status at Amazon by emailing them your permit
  • Claim tax exemption status with IngramSpark by uploading your permit to your account
  • Order your books.

Find specific, step-by-step instructions with URLs in my post on Bookworks. https://www.bookworks.com/2017/09/author-sales-tax-resale-certificate/

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