Podcast #7: Greg Ioannou, PubLaunch

Greg Ioannou runs a hybrid publishing house Iguana Books and uses his crowdfunding platform PubLaunch to help authors fund their books before publication. You can use it, too. He's expanding the company to provide a marketplace to not only serve Iguana Books but the larger author-publisher community.

In this episode, we talk about how PubLaunch works and we also discuss author expectations about readership. Do you expect to launch a bestseller or is yours a niche book for a limited audience? Greg and I talk about how to manage and defray costs using your early readers, author platform, and fan base... all before you publish.

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Episode notes

In our conversation we talk about hybrid publishing, how to recruit a quality publishing team, and what it really takes to crowdfund a book. Other PubLaunch features, including the supplier marketplace, will be launched later in 2018. You'll hear about that, too, and some surprising facts the PubLaunch team discovered when putting editors through a qualification test.

Meantime, check out their learning center, especially if you are are considering crowdfunding your book. Not considering crowdfunding? Maybe you should!

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Carla King

Carla King is a travel and technology writer turned author and self-publishing expert. She started self-publishing in 1995 and founded the Self-Pub Boot Camp series of educational books, workshops, and online courses in 2010. She runs the self-publishing and technology track at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a series of online courses at www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com.