October 3

Podcast #14: Laurie McLean, San Francisco Writers Conference


Laurie McLean wears many hats. She is the Director of the San Francisco Writers Conference, a literary agent, Founder of Fuse Literary, and a former Silicon Valley marketing and PR professional. I asked her to talk about the February 2019 conference and the return on investment for the money and the time for this or any conference.

October 2, 2018 on the Author Friendly Podcast with Carla King 

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About this episode

You’ll learn what makes the San Francisco conference different and how to get the most of it. How to organize your time between the sessions, exhibitors, and the agents, getting to know some of the 500 other participants, not to mention the opportunities for deeper learning in the pre- and post-conference workshops.

There are over 100 presenters in the various tracks: Fiction, Non-Fiction, YA and Children’s, Self-Publishing and Technology (my track), Business and Marketing, and an Etc. track that includes sessions on audiobooks and book to screen to name just a couple.

I hope you enjoy this discussion and that it encourages you to attend a conference here or wherever you are. Listen and find out why.

Show notes

Here are the links to the SF Writers Conference and other sites we mentioned.

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