September 4

Podcast #10: Kinga Jentetics, PublishDrive


PublishDrive is an ebook aggregator that serves self-publishers and small presses. The company is based in New York City and Budapest, Hungary. Kinga Jentetics is co-founder and CEO of the company, which competes favorably with other aggregators in distribution, royalties, reporting, analytics, and an easy-to-use author-publisher interface.  

PublishDrive made a recent deal with Chinese e-commerce giant Dangdang to sell English-language ebooks, which gives your ebook access to a readership with enormous growth. We discuss the Chinese market and other emerging markets for English-language ebooks, which I think you'll find enlightening and may cause you to aim to toward growing your platform in those directions.

The company makes use of new tech like artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect your book for formatting errors and copyright infringements and this also includes review by one of their staff for a quality end product.

We also talk about other partnerships with online retailers, marketing and merchandising tools, and how featured books are chosen. 

Jentetics got the idea for the company as she struggled to publish her master's thesis on how music influences the perception of a country. She gathered together a tech team and has grown the platform with the help of a Google Developers launchpad grant.

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