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Meet Carla

Hello, I'm Carla King, the Self-Publishing Expert

I know how exhausting the self-publishing process can be. I also know how deeply fulfilling it is to publish a book.
Like you, I am many things. A self-publishing expert and founder of the Self-Pub Boot Camp series of guides, online courses, and workshops. Host of the Author Friendly podcast. Author of books and stories about adventure travel. Obsessive reader of many genres. Ex technical writer. Low-tide beachcomber. Lover of gardening. Rider of anything with two wheels. And much more.

Above all, I'm in love with writing, reading, and the human connection. I live to make sure everyone I work with learns how to publish well and connect with their readers.

Together we'll learn figure out what it takes to find your readers and create a fan base who can help you finish and launch your book.

Together we'll do all the things to make your book a professional quality publication you can be proud of.

I love all things traveling, motorcycling, publishing, and connecting with other writers. Got a question?

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I have a few tips for you to get started down the right path in your publishing journey. These tips are the most important guidance I have for new self-publishers.

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It takes a team

Don't try to do this alone. It takes training, a team, and community to create a book, a business, and a successful career as an independent author. It's a goal worth investing in.

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