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My self-publishing journey

Hi, I'm Carla King, founder of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp series of guides, online courses, and workshops, host of the Author Friendly podcast, and publisher at Misadventures Media. I'm here to help you with your self-publishing journey, ​a path that has been very rewarding for me.

I started self-publishing in 1995 with a travel guide to bicycling the French Riviera. I was working as a technical writer at the time so I found it fairly easy to format my manuscript and self-publish.

It was really simple then

This was before the internet, too, so so there was and there was really only one way to publish: just get an ISBN and a PDF and send it off to the printer! 

Well, of course there was also editing and design, marketing and sales. But I went back to France and sold 500 books to bicycle shop, tourist offices, and English-language bookstores. I made a significant amount of money and fell in love with self-publishing!

From tech writer to travel writer

Over the years I transitioned from technical writer to travel technology journalist, freelancing for PC World and other magazines in the early days of portable computing. This paved the way for a career as an adventure travel writer and in 1995 I pioneered the art of the realtime online travelogue (now called a blog) with my motorcycle trip around America test riding a Russian sidecar motorcycle for a company who wanted to import it for sale in the US.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it kinda was, and the blog became a book called American Borders, which was my second self-published book. 

The success story that failed

I kept riding, writing, and publishing, and self-published a third book with my writing group, the Wild Writing Women in 2001. Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel attracted a lot of attention and was sold to a NY publishing house. 

Sounds like a success story, right?


The book hasn't made a penny since that first run that we did on our own. 

So I turned to self-publishing and teaching other authors

I started teaching self-publishing in the early 2000s, speaking at writing conferences, blogging, and writing publishing guides. The 4th edition of my Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors was (self) published in February 2018, along with my first online course.

Since I launched Self-Pub Boot Camp I've helped thousands of authors publish successfully, and that feels really good. 

I'm from the San Francisco Bay area where I run the self-publishing track at the San Francisco Writers Conference, and today I split my time between San Diego and Baja, California.

Join me, and make the commitment to self-publish professionally.

Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp
Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

I'm happy to help. Just pop me a quick email.

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 4th Edition by Carla King

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It takes a team

Don't try to do this alone. It takes training, a team, and community to create a book, a business, and a successful career as an independent author. It's a goal worth investing in.

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