A Self-Publisher's Guide to Metadata for Great Book Discovery

Metadata used to be a wallflower, hiding out at the library with the Dewey Decimal system. Now it’s at every party, flitting about gathering and sorting books on mobile devices, e-readers, and websites. Metadata is a core component of digital information and news; so good book metadata is good book marketing. It’s an essential tool for all self-publishers.

For those unaware, metadata is data about data, words about words. In the semantically driven matrix of search, all words have a value, and “key” words have more value still. These keywords must be strategically selected and then placed where they can do the most good. Creating metadata tags for your work is a marketing challenge that requires both editing skill and narrative common sense. Here’s how.

Read the rest of my article on PBS Mediashift. A step-by-step to metadata can be found in my books as well.

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