January 5

7 Developments in Self Publishing That Will Matter Most to Authors in 2016


Since my first year-end report in 2010 (see also 2013, 2014), the world of self-publishing has stabilized significantly with vendors steadily improving their features and partnering with others to offer more robust services.

The publishing industry has been in great upheaval since the mid-90s, sending published and unpublished authors into a panic when faced with unknown options and complicated processes.

Today we have the benefit of trusted resources to help us ease our book creation, publishing, and marketing strategy. This means we now finally have more time to focus on what drew us to this in the first place: our craft.

  1. Ingram acquires Aer.io
  2. PubLaunch replaces PubSlush
  3. Pressbooks gets your ebook in libraries
  4. Smashwords gets your ebook into even more libraries
  5. PressBooks adds a cover creation tool
  6. Canva launches a book cover creator
  7. New York Book Editors pairs indie authors with editors

Read about these developments in my year-end post for MediaShift.


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