At the San Francisco Writers Conference

It’s just great to be at the San Francisco Writers Conference, over a decade old, I think it’s actually in its 12th year now. Even though I’ve moved to San Diego and Baja, California, I still feel a part of the writers community here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s rich and vibrant and diverse and enthusiastic. And international! Today I’ve already met authors from Canada, Houston, Maui and New York. Michael Larsen is giving his very entertaining and often hilarious welcome talk right now, with a 20 page handout (wow!) and lots of kudos to the presenters.

San Francisco Writers Conference 2015

And thank you Michael, for introducing me as organizing the self-publishing track and my Self-Pub Boot Camp on Monday, separate but connected, as we all are.

If you are here, please connect with me at @selfpubbootcamp and @carlaking on Twitter and on Facebook, too. Also grab my new ebook, the 3rd edition, just out, of my Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, for FREE!

Self-Publishing Boot Camp 3rd Edition FREE at BookBaby

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