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"You can’t have pleasure in life without skill. But it isn’t an unpleasant task to learn a skill, if the teacher, in the first place, gets you fascinated with it." -Alan Watts


Grab my free Consumer's Guide and author-publisher toolkit, The guide attempts to keep up with all the tools and services available to help you write, edit, market, and publish your book. You'll also get a metadata cheat sheet and a book launch checklist.

self-publishing toolkit

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testimonial, Norm DeWitt

After a mediocre experience with an established publisher for my first book, I considered another book project to be unlikely. Without Carla's help and guidance on self-publishing, I doubt my most recent two books would have been written."

Norm DeWitt Author, Making it Faster

Kathy Tong, Author, Not-Quite-Supermodel

Carla is genuinely rooting for you and your success, and she reinvigorated me and boosted my confidence. I am been beyond thrilled! I would highly recommend Carla's services to any self-publishing authors regardless of what stage you may be in with the process. Her guidance has been invaluable. 

Kathy Tong - Author, Not-Quite-Supermodel

Tamara Merrill, The Augustus Family Trilogy, Konstellation Press

Carla's courses are full of good advice, practical tips, and include tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. It was her first book and her enthusiasm that encouraged me to successfully publish four books.

Tamara  Merrill- Author, The Augustus Family Trilogy

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This week I tried out a few AI writing tools to see if they could help me draft a blog post faster or better. I enjoyed the experiment with ChatGPT and a few other tools—SudoWrite, QuickWrite, and Jasper—to help me brainstorm, outline, research, and do the tedious work of providing introductory material and an outline. It took a few tries to get my prompts right, to ensure [...]

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How to Set Up a Self-Publishing Business

Let's review the essentials of creating and building a self-publishing business as an independent author and self-publisher, with the acquisition of ISBNs and other important steps. Self-publishers wear many hats, including that of a small-business owner. This role can be rewarding for many authors once they realize how much more control they have over their book than if they h [...]

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Creating Your Author Brand

For writers, the author brand is predominantly about your “voice,” but the experience you deliver to readers can be applied to your photo, book cover, website, and more. Part of promoting your book and career as a self-published author is creating a public persona, including identifying images, graphics, words, and photographs that work in harmony with your author voice. T [...]

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A How-To Guide to Blogging for Authors

In this how-to guide on blogging for authors, you'll learn: Why unbranded blogging is bad What domain name to use Where to get a web hosting service What is WordPress themes What are categories, tags, and keywords What to write about What is the valuable thing about blogging Why unbranded blogging is bad When you use WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Tumbler or anoth [...]

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And here's some free stuff, services, and workshops

Free worksheets and checklists

Don't re-invent the wheel. This has all been done before. Download checklists and worksheets help you with each step. From finishing your manuscript to finalizing your launch plan, it's a proven process.

Publish Professionally

There's no reason your book needs to look self-published. Publish to professional standards and compete with books from the Big 5 publishing houses. It's easier than you think.

Connect with other writers

Find other writers, influencers, and media. Connect with them and find inspiration, accountability, motivation, and joy! Get unstuck and manifest your dream of offering your book to the world.

Want to jump into the very first step now?

The Best Seller Book Marketing Course is the place to start. Here's the thing—after coaching hundreds of writers, I created this course as a baseline. In fact, I require everyone I work with to take this course before working one-on-one or in group workshops. What you learn here about your book and your tribe is essential to finishing your manuscript, marketing yourself as an author, and getting five-star reviews when you launch your book. Hundreds of authors have taken this course and used it to identify their path. Find me there! It costs a fraction of my consulting fee, and there's a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

Best Seller Book Marketing Course

It's a self-paced course with step-by-step instructions and templates. Think of it as your book marketing toolkit.

Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

Carla King, founder, Self-Publishing Boot Camp

Best Seller Book Marketing

You have forever access. It includes membership in a private Facebook group. Go take a look at the course.

This nonfiction author says... 

Stephen T. Holland, Talkin' Dan Gable


Too often people rush to self-publishing only to find out they have made costly blunders. As a teacher, Carla King will show you how to avoid these mistakes, publish a better manuscript, and position yourself toward larger profits

Stephen T. Holland English & Education Professor, Eastern Iowa Community College and Publisher, "Talkin' Dan Gable"

Book a Free Consult

I'd love to talk with you and get your started on the right path to finishing, marketing, and publishing your book, wherever you are now in your process. Book a free consult with me now. I want to see your book in the stores!

Thanks! Helping you get your story, your message, your knowledge, out into the world is the thing I love to do. So hit that button and let's talk about how to get started on the path that leads to five-star book reviews when you launch. I look forward to meeting you!

This historical fiction author says... 


Carla  gave me the tools to understand the magnitude of what I needed to do before readers bought my book. Then, with her step-by-step process, I discovered how to communicate my message... sometimes, you don't know what you don't know. Carla broke everything down into simple, manageable pieces and patiently showed how everything fits. Suppose I didn't have her system? It would have taken me years of trial and error to get as far as I did in three months.

Rosamond Banks - Author, Common Knowledge

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