Smashwords Announces Distribution with UK-Based Gardners Books

This morning Smashwords announced a new distribution agreement with Gardners Books. The arrangement includes a retail component and a library component. Key takeaways include:

* Smashwords will deliver approximately 230,000 titles to 400 ebook stores powered by Gardners, operating in 32 countries and serving readers in 138 countries; 2,000 public libraries in the UK; and 400 academic libraries in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

* In the case of VLeBooks (academic libraries), the Smashwords distribution offering increases the size of Gardners’ offering by 100%. In the case of A&H (Askews & Holts Library Services), the Smashwords infusion represents a 10% increase.

* With A&H, Gardners provides one of the first truly patron-driven ebook checkout platforms. Unlike conventional library ebook services which require the purchase of a title prior to allowing the patron to discover and check out, all Smashwords titles will be available for discovery to library patrons. Patrons can search the catalog, and only when they check out a book will it trigger a purchase by the library.

* Shipments begin October 22nd. Authors will earn 60% of list for retail purchases and 45% list from library purchases.

For complete details, please visit the Smashwords blog.

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